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Wine tasting in Hungary

01.02.2018 in the restaurant Bassano, Kiev, a presentation-tasting of wines of Hungary was held! The meeting was organized with the support of the Hungarian National Trade House and the Hungarian Embassy in Ukraine. The Hungarian National Trade House promotes the development of export activities of Hungarian enterprises outside the EU and the realization of the maximum exports of Hungarian goods and services. The organizer of the tasting is the communicative media group D + (founded in 1996) – the publisher of the magazines DRINKS +, CaBaRe / CHIC, the MENU almanac, the portal www.drinks.ua, the organizer of presentations, tastings, wine promotion campaigns, the partner of professional international exhibitions and events -companies.

Winemaking enterprises-participants told the guests about the peculiarities of the wine-growing regions of Hungary, grape varieties, variety of wines. Representatives of wine houses conducted tasting for lovers and professionals:

Csányi Pincészet from the Villány region (article about the wine producer under the link – http://drinks.ua/en/catalog/company/Csanyi-Pinceszet-Zrt),

Gróf Buttler Borászat and Thummerer Pince from Egri (Egri borvidék) (articles about wine producers on the links – http://drinks.ua/en/catalog/company/Grof-Buttler-Boraszat and http://drinks.ua/en/ catalog / company / THUMMERER-WINERY-),

Vincellér Borház from the region of Soproni borvidék (article about the wine producer under the link – http://drinks.ua/ru/catalog/company/Vinceller-Borhaz),

Etyeki Kúria Borászat from the region of Etjek (Etyek) (article about the wine producer under the link – http://drinks.ua/en/catalog/company/Etyeki-Kuria-Boraszat),

Pannon Tokaj Pincészet from the Tokaj-hegyalja region (link to manufacturer’s facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/PannonTokajPinceszet/)

Gratitude for the organization of the event to the Hungarian National Trade House and the Hungarian Embassy in Ukraine, the communicative media group D +, as well as to the manager and staff of the restaurant Bassano! Special thanks to all wine houses for the participants for useful information and an incredible tasting experience!

Venue: Restaurant “Bassano” Ukraine, Kyiv, str. Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya, 100