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Company Mission

ARDA-Trading LLC mission is to provide connoisseurs with only the best and globally acknowledged brands of alcohol.  The brands presented by the Company are always popular with those consumers who have a gust of quality, style and subtle taste in the first place.

ARDA-Trading LLC philosophy is based on increased levels of Ukrainians awareness of the luxury alcohol world, national heritages, and cultivation of good taste and high drinking culture with regard to legendary drinks once-preferred by such great men as Winston Churchill, Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde and others.

Company History

ARDA-Trading LLC is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of premium spirits in the territory of Ukraine.

ARDA-Trading LLC is a reliable and promising business partner showing sustainable development that owns well-established

distribution system in 20 regions of Ukraine, in-house logistics and motor pool.

— The company headcount is over 333 employees. Sales staff numbers 84.

The company is an exclusive authorized distributor of worldrenowned spirit brands that carries a wide range of spirits including whiskey, brandy, vodka, vermouth, sparkling wine, gin, tequila, liqueur, rum and wine, to offer to Ukrainian customers. The company carries out continuous process improvement, expands the scope of business, and rolls out innovative promising brands. Stability and dependability of Arda-Trading LLC as the partner is warranted by the long-term track record of 15 years in Ukrainian market. Our principles for doing business imply staying committed to our corporate values which means staying aligned with best practice, fast-moving and winning.