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Veneto is located in the northeast of the peninsula, it has access to the Adriatic Sea and covers an area of 18364 sq. M. km. Most of the territory – a plain with low hills of volcanic origin. In the west end Veneto shores of one of the largest and most beautiful lakes in Italy – Garda. Winery in the Veneto was founded by the Romans, and in 1709 destroyed all the vineyards have appeared due to the cold weather, and only in 1960 again restored. The main areas of intense winemaking were three significant parts of the region: in the west in the area of Verona hills between Lake Garda and the town of Soave, the central portions of the rolling hills in the area of Vicenza, Treviso and Padua, the eastern plains in the basin of the Piave (Pieve) and Tagliamento (Tagliamento) along the Adriatic coast in the northeast of Venice. Today, the region’s climate varies from Alpine to the Mediterranean. Due to this production Veneto famous elite of Italian wines. Fifteen years ago, the area of the Veneto region, and not standing next to the famous regions like Piedmont and Tuscany. It seemed that the local wine sentenced to stay on the shelves of supermarkets. But today is producing – warm, velvety wine with an amazing potential and durability. From the perspective of aging wine have been the subject of collecting. His revival of the region shall winemakers, who have decided to take a chance and enter the new mode of production for the red wines. They had introduced a new avant-garde style of production. Most red wines produced in the fermentation part of slightly dried grapes used.

Kitchen Veneto From the Adriatic Sea resort region of Veneto in their regional cuisine focuses on fish and seafood. In the northern part of the region (Po Valley) locals boast the use of meat, pasta, corn, among other things, heavy stews, thick soups … right on the coast of growing asparagus, which is supplied in addition to fish dishes with the addition of various spices. The local cuisine offers a variety of light and heavy salad. For most red wines recommended: roast veal with mushrooms in red wine; lamb in red wine; Chicken on the grill; horsemeat steak; hare with apples sweet and sour sauce; veal liver stewed with onions and herbs … Many varieties of local cheese granulated and added to salads, pizza, pasta, cakes. It produces delicious unleavened bread cooked on the grill with the addition of olive oil. In most dishes used large variety of spices and herbs – rosemary, sage, thyme, marjoram, juniper, laurel, cinnamon, cloves … Other local desserts can be distinguished cooked fried pieces of dough pre-soaked in sweet wine and cakes with cherries or grapes.

This region is represented by the following manufacturers:

- Tommasi

- Gini

- Quintarelli

- Di Vi Vine