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Sierra (Mexico)


God the Creator Quetzalcoatl struggled with the Goddess of Darkness, who absorbed the light of the Sun God.

In a fierce battle, the Goddess of Darkness killed the wife of the Creator God. And when the tears of Quetzalcoatl fell on her grave, the sprouts of a beautiful agave appeared from the ground. Frantically, he continued the struggle and won. Sunlight returned to the earth, illuminating and nourishing the agave. From this day on, Mayauel, the goddess of the agave, in gratitude to the Creator God Quetzalcoatl, has revealed to the world a unique fluid that gives joy and happiness. Quetzalcoatl’s tears fell on the mineral-rich highlands of Jalisco in Mexico.

Here, in the Sierra Madre mountains, there is the distillery Destilerias Sierra Unidas – a family enterprise, where the master of distillation Rodolfo Gonzalez Gonzalez creates from the agave tequila Sierra, using only the traditional methods of production.

In the sunny highlands, which are characterized by low rainfall, the agave ripens within ten years, without the use of artificial fertilizers and industrial irrigation, after which it is collected manually.

The owner of the brand Sierra – German company BORCO – the largest producer and distributor of alcoholic beverages in Europe. Deliveries of Sierra are carried out in 50 countries around the world.

Tequila Sierra is represented by several species:


Is the leader of the market of tequila in Europe. Particularly fond of it in Germany, where it accounts for 90% of the tequila market. Agave content: about 70%. Ideal for cocktails


100% blue agave, collected manually from the high-mountain slopes of Jalisco

Rozlita in Mexico

Premium bottle with the image of Tonatiou, the Aztec sun god and the characteristic for the tequila SIERRA sombrero


Tequila ultra-premium

100% agave, bottled in Mexico

TRIPLE SELECTION in the fields – fields with an extremely high content of mineral compounds in the red soil, only the best agave sprouts are left for further cultivation in selected fields, and as a result – agave grown under ideal conditions, with an exponentially high sugar content, ideal for production. From the highlands of Jalisco, La Tierra Del Tequila.

FIRST SPIN After the agave is slowly boiled for about 24 hours, only the first, soft pressed juice is used.

YEAST For fermentation, a secret family recipe for special yeast from pineapple is used.

DISTILLATION Distilled two or three times in traditional copper distillation cubes.

EXTRACTION It lasts up to 4 years in barrels of American white oak or French limousine oak

FORTRESS It slightly exceeds the standard degree of fortress, having 41.5%


Unique liqueurs, developed on the basis of SIERRA tequila. Ideal in themselves or as an ingredient in innovative cocktails

Sierra Silver

Sierra Silver

Sierra Reposado

Sierra Reposado

Sierra Anejo

Sierra Anejo