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Volvic (France)

Volvic – non-carbonated mineral water, which is extracted from the depths of the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Auvergne Volcanoes (central part of France). The source of water originates in the old volcano. Source: Clairvic. Volvic. Puy de Dôme. Protected from all kinds of pollution, the park stretches over 4000 hectares of forests and plains. There are neither huge agglomerates, nor heavy industry, nor any intensive activity. The volcanic rocks that filled the ancient granite valleys of the Volvik basin 6000 years ago are now a huge natural filter. This filter consists of thick layers of soaked volcanic ash, basalt and andesite. Volvic – natural mineral water that passes through six layers of volcanic rocks, which gives it special purity and mineralization.

The name Volvic comes from the Latin Volcani Vicus – a village of volcanoes.

It is a light mineral water with a good ratio of sodium, calcium and magnesium. Low sodium content makes Volvic water suitable for young children and those who need a low-salt diet.

Due to its low salinity, Volvic is well suited for daily use.

Acidity (PH): 7