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Coffee Intero (For HoReCa)

Coffee Intero has a noble Italian origin. Experienced Italian Captesters (coffee tasters) conducted many tastings of coffee beans from different corners of the planet, focusing on the tastes and preferences of the Slavic peoples of Eastern Europe when developing a blend of Intero coffee. As a result of the research, excellent coffee grades and roasting profiles were selected, revealing the multifacetedness of the grain coffee, which is presented in the range of Intero. For its production, green coffee is supplied by the leading European traders (ARC (Italy), Bejdendijk (Holland), etc.) from certified warehouses or directly from the countries of origin. Our suppliers of green coffee have many years of experience in international coffee trade. Thanks to experience, close contact with farmers and a passionate attitude to coffee, we have the opportunity to offer the best varieties of coffee from the most famous regions and quality plantations.

The production of fried grain coffee and the packing of ground coffee is carried out in Ukraine in the city of Dnepr. Our own production allows us to offer our partners, coffee houses and restaurants fresh roast coffee, the packaging of which is made in foil bags with a non-return valve that does not let air into the package and prevents early aging of coffee. The freshness of coffee is the main indicator of quality, along with the stability of taste reproduction and the degree of roasting, which is provided by the computer equipment control system.

28603 Interco coffee in beans Gold 1 kg. * 6 NV

30370 Interro Coffee Vending Medium in beans 1 kg. * 6

30371 Interro Coffee Vending Extra in beans 1 kg. * 6

For the demanding chorea, who wants to offer his client strong coffee with the inherent strong coffee bitterness, we offer a balanced blend of arabica from the homeland of coffee Ethiopia and highland Robusta from Indonesia.

Intero Gold (Arabica 30% – Robusta 70%) / Intero Medium (Arabica 50% – Robusta 50%) / Extra (Arabica 20% – Robusta 80%)