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Coffee Bruno (For Retail)

Coffee Bruno has a noble Italian origin. For its production the green coffee is supplied by Aziende Ruinite Caffe (ARC, Italy) with Italy certified warehouses or directly from countries of origin from authorized manufacturers. ARC has 150 years of experience in international coffee trade since 1856. Thanks to experience and close contacts with farmers and passionate towards coffee ARC is able to offer the best coffee from the most famous world regions and qualitative plantations.

In developing of Bruno blends the experienced cuptastery (coffee tasters) carried out many

coffee beans tasting from different parts of planet focusing on the tastes and preferences Slavic peoples of Eastern Europe. As a result, fine coffees were selected and these coffees are represented in the products list of Bruno brand in different appearance.

Roasting and packaging of ground coffee is produced by the factory of our partner – the Italian company Verwerkaf SpA, which has advanced modern equipment and technology for vacuum packing inside a protective atmosphere for preventing of oxidation of the coffee during grounding.

Production of coffee beans roasting is carried out in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, on the own factory. The advantage of this feature of the production process is the ability to offer consumers the most fresh roasted coffee. It is a basic indicator of quality as well as reliability of reproduction of taste and the grade of roasting which is provided by computer control system.

Premium Ground Collection

Collection of natural ground coffee selected for the most popular ways of cooking.  Along with original Arabica and Robusta composed blends each type grinds by differ specifically chosen milling. Correct grinding is a passport to success of delicious coffee beverage cooking. Follow the simple instructions for preparation and you get true pleasure from your cup of coffee.

Bruno Turkish Tradition

Bruno Turkish Tradition

Bruno Espresso Italiano

Bruno Espresso Italiano

Bruno French Press

Bruno French Press

100% Arabica

Collection of coffee beans with different roasting profiles for the most used methods of brewing. Each kind of different roasting level which is a major factor affecting the taste of the coffee beverage.

Bruno Turkish Light Roast 100% Arabica

Bruno Turkish Light Roast

Bruno Espresso Medium Roast 100% Arabica

Bruno Espresso Medium Roast

Bruno French Dark Roast 100% Arabica

Bruno French Dark Roast