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It was founded in 1872 by Simon Rutte in Dordrecht. Simon was an expert in exotic spices and fruits. At first, he was engaged in distillation in the backyard of a cafe owned by his family. His obsession with quality and talent for distillation became known in the neighborhood and quickly spread throughout the city. He turned the family business (cafe) into a liquor store.

He and the succeeding generations have developed unique recipes, which we use to this day.

Distillation methods, proven by generations, combined with an innovative recipe, allowed to create a unique taste of the celery genie Rutte Celery Gin.

Distillation exclusively in small batches. Thanks to the careful selection of fruits, plants and herbs used by the ingredients of the highest quality for the production of 100% natural product.

Thanks to a long search for experiments in the field of distillation of ginvera and gin with various plants, herbs and spices, we are proud to present you our masterpiece Rutte Celery Gin.

Distinctive features:

Complex balanced taste

Ingredients of the highest quality

Without flavoring

Authentic product created manually

More than 140 years of production using traditional technology

Feel our difference from other brands. We are faithful to traditions and are not ready to change something for the sake of fleeting “fashionable” trends, because quality never goes out of fashion. This principle can be traced in everything that we do. We go our own way to achieve the highest quality of our product, even if this way is not the easiest.

Rutte Celery Gin