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Finsbury London Dry Gin (England) 1740

Highlights of London associated only with this city haven’t changed yet for more than hundred years: Union Jack since 1801, twopenny tube since 1863, double-decker buses since 1899 and red phone booths since1926. Finsbury London Dry Gin produced according to old-time formula is the real pride of London unchanged since 1740.

Finsbury London Dry Gin is one of top-quality British drinks for more than 250 years. Finsbury Distillery founded by Josef Bishop in London in 1740 produces gin by the same traditional method as in the 18th century using 10 ingredients, the main of them being juniper berries, coriander, lemon and orange peels.

Exact oil-time formula is thoroughly protected and handed down from generation to generation of the Bishop family which owned the distillery up to the end of the 20th century. The street were this distillery was located over the last hundred years bears his name.


Quality and taste of Finsbury London Dry Gin were internationally honoured with many awards.   Finsbury London Dry Gin preserved its character and taste over 250 years owing to strict compliance with the highest possible quality standards confirmed with silver medal of the International Wine&Spirit Competition 1999, as well as by competition of CLASS Magazine Barkeeper Blind Tasting, which holds one of the most complicated blind tasting contests.   Finsbury London Dry Gin taste was declared the best among 60 international gin brands. In 2006 Finsbury 47 Platinum was awarded with a gold medal and took the highest prize Trophy Winner 2006 at the International Wine & Spirit Competition.


Finsbury London Dry Gin is produced in two varieties of strength – 37,5% and 47%.

Finsbury 37,5% serves as a perfect basis for multicomponent cocktails. Lower strength results in lower content of dissolved harmful volatile oils that consequently enables to get a cocktail free of excessive juniper keynote.

Finsbury Platinum 47% is the unique product of classical strength. Its unique character lies in Single Batch Distillations process consisting in the following: each of aromatic ingredients is separately (!) soaked in neutral alcohol made of choice sorts of grain and is subject to six-time (!)  distillation in copper pot stills. That process can be compared with production of blended malt whisky except that Finsbury uses various spices and herbs instead of peaty from different areas. In the course of distillation the heart phases are continuously extracted and therefore the result always remains invariably excellent. Special formula of blend is focused on the most demanding customer in regards of balanced taste.

While some people appreciate pure neat gin or gin on the rocks, Finsbury London Dry Gin is meant primarily for cocktails because this mild and fragrant drink serves as excellent basis of mixing with great possibilities.

Finsbury is the Oldest Gin in the World!



Finsbury Platinum

Finsbury Platinum