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Agmarti (Georgia)


Industrial development of brandy production began in Georgia in the 60th of the 19th century. In 1865 well-known manufacturer and sponsor Georgij Bolkvadze founded a distillery in Kutaisi. It was the first one in Caucasia at that point in time.

He created a good alternative to drinks from Brandy province.  Specific climate and soil conditions in Georgia, as well a great variety of indigenous grape enabled Georgij Bolkvadze to create unique brandy patterns.  Prime quality of Bolkvadze’s products was honoured with a great number of international awards, and Georgian brandy caught the fancy of the most demanding connoisseurs of that drink world-wide.

In the 1880th the center of brandy empire moved to Tbilisi. This is where the history Askaneli Brothers LLC began when Antimoz Chkhaidze had founded a wine cellar in the village of Askana.

He created wines and brandy which were highly appraised not only in Georgia, but also in France and Western Europe.

Askaneli Brothers Company built a church in Askana in token of honour and respect. Construction was completed in 2000.

Today the main goal of Askaneli Brothers Company is to revive and comprehensively develop wine-growing and wine-making in Georgia. Therefore it actively cooperates with farmers providing them with organic fertilizers and machinery.

At the present time the Company owes 140 hectares of vineyards in one of the best regions of Kakheti.  This is where the Company carries out research and selection work in relation to prospective grape varieties.

The Company engaged the best wine makers in Georgia. They employ both traditional and up-to-fate wine and brandy development methods. All brandy are produced in restricted amounts with the best grape chosen by their quality, varieties and place of growth.

Exclusive technology, advanced and very strict control at every stage of production process serve to ensure marvelous taste and top quality to Agmarti manufactured by Askaneli Brothers LLC.

Due respect of consumers serves as an evidence thereof.

Assortiment is represented by the following brandy:

Agmarti 3 Y.O.

Agmarti 3 Y.O.

Agmart 5 Y.O.

Agmart 5 Y.O.

Agmarti 8 Y.O.

Agmarti 8 Y.O.