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Chateau de Montifaud VS
This cognac comes from the very heart of Petit Champagne (Petite Champagne).
Cognac «Chateau de Montifaud» VS is distinguished by a refined taste, full of vitality. Golden-yellow color with amazing amber gleams. A strong and at the same time delicate aroma of a blossoming vine with a shade of lime and finishing fruit nuances of apple and pear creates a harmonious and delicious taste. After aging for at least 5 years in barrels of limousine oak, the cognac is surprisingly thin and soft in taste.
Chateau de Montifaud Prestige Premier Cru
Cognac “Chateau de Montifaud” Prestige Premier Cru is created from grapes grown on the best lands of Grande Champagne.
After 5 years of aging the drink acquired a warm golden color of honey. Has a long exciting aftertaste, allowing you to enjoy the fruity aromas of peaches and citrus. He has a magnificent bouquet that complements notes of spices and vanilla. Full-bodied, with inimitable fruitiness, this cognac is especially appreciated by women. This is truly elegant cognac.
Chateau de Montifaud VSOP
Cognac «Chateau de Montifaud VSOP» is made from grapes harvested from the own vineyards of the Cognac House «Chateau de Montifaud» in the province of Petite Champagne (Petite Champagne). Then this excellent cognac for more than 10 years languished in old oak barrels, and only after that we can enjoy cognac in the color of red gold. In the bouquet of the drink, the tones of the lime dominate, the notes of the blossoming grapes are guessed, and in the finale there are subtle aromas of dried flowers.
Very malleable and delicate taste of this cognac will surprise even true connoisseurs with its perfection and pronounced fruit aftertaste.
Chateau de Montifaud VSOP DIVA
This cognac is considered the family value of “Chateau de Montifaud” and produced only from the best grapes grown in the province of Grande Champagne (Grande Champagne). A unique cognac is rightly called VSOP DIVA. The drink really surprises with its softness and velvety, harmonious richness of the bouquet, in which fruit and oak colors create the feeling of a fresh spring morning. Its noble dark amber color is due to more than 10 years of aging in special barrels. The taste is thick and full, with a plum-apricot predominance, gives the softness and enveloping warmth to the drink.
Chateau de Montifaud XO
Cognac «Chateau de Montifaud» XO is a masterpiece, a real luxury in a glass. This cognac embodies the experience, traditions, confidence of the Masters of the Cognac House «Chateau de Montifaud». This is a unique blend of rare alcohols of 1963, 1965 and 1967 harvest, which were aged in old barrels of Limousin oak in order to create a delicious taste and strength of the perfect cognac. Its great taste lasts a very long time, revealing all the wealth of excellent cognac: the freshness of juicy plums and candied apricots with a light note of roasted almonds. Complex bouquet consists of aromas of spices, oak, honey, grapes with unobtrusive shades of tobacco. And it’s no wonder that this amazing cognac got
Prestigious prize at the World Wine and Spirits Exhibition Vinexpo 1997.
Millezim cognacs Château de Montifaud
Millezim cognacs “Chateau de Montifaud” are intended exclusively for true connoisseurs of this drink. These cognacs of excellent quality have overcome all the stages of evolution in order to turn into truly unique works of winemaking art. Each millesime cognac is a real masterpiece. In the castle “Chateau Montifaud” there is a family tradition: when the heir reaches a certain age and joins the family business, barrels of cognac, this year, are left to be kept for many years.
Millezim cognac “Chateau de Montifaud” 1947
1947 was marked by the fact that at the head of the House of Chateau de Montifaud became Louis Valle. This cognac from the region ‘Petite Champagne’ is made by him personally. It is really very much appreciated by the Valle family, and therefore only a few of its barrels are available to real connoisseurs of cognac art.
At first the cognac was aged in “red” barrels in order to preserve its cheerful energy of youth, and then, for final aging, it was poured into older barrels. In order for a bouquet of cognac to open, patience is required. However, after he blossomed, his true nobility is manifested in a strong and rich aroma with tones of chamomile, dried fruits, spices and tobacco. This delicious cognac is simply made for them to enjoy.
Millezim cognac “Chateau de Montifaud” 1953
1953 was an exceptional year for the production of cognac. The wine of this year’s harvest, from the region of ‘Petite Champagne’, was distinguished by its rich fruit aroma. In the process of aging cognac did not lose this feature. Each sip of this drink leaves a taste of grapes, which alternates with the charming taste of nutmeg and the light bitterness of the old oak. If the millesime cognac of 1947 is considered to be nast