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Alter Gerzog

Herbal liquors and bitters were used in medieval medicine practice, as many other alcoholic beverages, as ordinary curing potions, and they had no particular designer.

Monastery traditions of brewing potions are inherited by manufacturers of the drinks that are nowadays known as bitters or herbal liquors. They are distinguished from other liquors not only by their curing properties, but also by their bitter taste.

Herbal liquor Alter Gerzog  (alcohol content 35% vol.) is produced by way of maceration of more than 10  ingredients. The liquor is made of various herbs, fruit, bark, wood and roots. It’s aroma reveals hints of curcuma, coriander, wormwood, cocoa, chamomile, cinnamon, lemon as well as others.

Alter Gerzog is an elegant bitter with low sugar content and expressed herbal nose.  All ingredients of the drink are pulverized to “molecules ” and infused with a high quality alcohol for several months until their entire dissolving.

Alter Gerzog is a drink usable as both an aperitif and digestive.  It is a good choice as an appetizer, and after the meal it is used to improve the digestion processes. Alter Gerzog is also a great choice for fixing cocktails.


Alter Gerzog  is in your blood

Alter Gerzog

Alter Gerzog