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Chateau de Laubade (France)

In Bas Armagnac, in the village of Sorbets, a few kilometers from Nogaro there is a beautiful castle Laubade built by the Noullens family. Vineyard extends over 105 ha of area. Within the period from 1944 to 1974 the owners were succeeding one another and the castle was not in the best plight and order when Jean-Jacques Lesgourgues decided to recover its former luster and reckon it among great names of Bas Armagnac. During eight years he was sacrificing everything but did not sell a single drop of Armagnac until prepared super quality spirits. His special achievements in agricultural production were highly honoured and Jean-Jacques Lesgourgues was awarded with the Legion of Honour, the most prestigious award of the French Republic. At present the first-class master Michel Bachoc works in the castle. He also takes top-quality product for his mission in life. A stock of high-quality spirits (2.1 thousand barrels 400 liters each) was made in the castle for that purpose. Jean-Jacques Lesgourgues highlights high value of this stock because very old spirits are just where merits of Armagnac lie. The oldest spirit dates back to 1830. Today it is possible to produce millesime Armagnac of any vintage. Unblended spirits are held in stock, they can wait in the wings for decades.

With vintages and ageing stock dating back to 1855, Château de Laubade is renowned in the French and export markets for producing top-quality Armagnac.

Chateau de Laubade VSOP

Chateau de Laubade VSOP