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Burgundy *

Vineyards in Burgundy stretched from north to south in a narrow strip, whose length is about 300 km. The name comes from Burgundy Germanic tribe of the Burgundians who created the kingdom with its first center in Worms (city in southwest Germany), and then in Lyon in the southeast of France, in the V century. Burgundy is one of the main centers of French wine. The province is famous for both its red and white wines from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, but use other grape varieties, such as Gamay (Beaujolais for), Aliquot, Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc. Burgundy wines compared to all others in the most exposed to the weather conditions. For example, a winemaker from other regions which cultivates more grape varieties better protected from climatic anomalies, because it can change the proportions of grape varieties in wine according to their maturity. Thus, the manufacturer compensates the impermanence of nature and saves from year to year the characteristics of their wines, it is impossible for Burgundy wine. Therefore, wines of different years of harvest are radically different from each other than anywhere else. Burgundy bottle – a squat, paunchy flowing to his shoulders, her face is directly related to the process of wine production. In the manufacture of wine in Burgundy grape skin infusion process (for color) in the pressed juice is shorter than in the Bordeaux region. As a result, during the aging in Burgundian wines is less rain than in Bordeaux. A bottle of the Bordeaux region adapted to abundant rainfall appears during the aging of wine, and its square shoulders blocking it, without missing a glass. But, as it quite clearly, Burgundy wines do not need it. Burgundy is divided into wine regions: Chablis; Côte de Nuits; Côte de Beaune; Côte Shalonnez; Macon; Beaujolais.

This region is represented by the following manufacturers:

- Bouchard Pere e Fiss (Bouchard Pere & Fils)

- Bouchard Pascal (Pascal Bouchard)

- William Fevre (William Fevre)

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