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Pommeau de Normandie

Pommeau de Normandie is a popular liqueur made on the basis of Calvados in the northwestern part of France in the Normandy region. Get this drink by mixing apple wort with aged for at least a year Calvados. For cooking selected special varieties of apples, which are rich in tannins. It is the tannins that give the drink a rich aroma and taste of a fresh apple. The development of a rich palette is achieved thanks to aging in oak barrels, which is 3 years, although under the legislation at least 14 months. The Pommeau de Normandie Père Magloire liqueur is easily filtered. Characteristics of liquor: amber-copper color with shades of mahogany. In the aroma of notes of apple jam, Calvados, wood. In the taste of the tone of ripe fruits, prunes. Alcohol is 17%. Liquor is the perfect aperitif. Can serve with ice. It is combined with pates and apple puree from a baked apple, complemented with apple desserts. Drink hardly anyone can remain indifferent. Lermer Pommo de Normandie Père Magloire is a good gift to oneself, close and familiar!

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