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Pinot de Charentes

Legendary cognacs, white and red Pinot de Charentes 5 years old from Chateau de Beaulon – a good gift to yourself, loved ones and friends! The exceptional quality of cognacs with different endurance will please not only amateurs, but also real connoisseurs! Pinot de Charentes / Pinot de Charentes and all cognacs are aged and poured into Chateau de Beaulon!

Waiting for you:

Kiev Wine Supermarket VINTAGE Pavlo Tychyna Ave., 1 floor, Silver Breeze Shopping Mall;

Dnepr Wine supermarket VINTAGE Ekaterinoslavsky boulevard, 1, SEC “Cascade Plaza”, 1 floor;

Dnepr Wine supermarket VINTAGE ул. Dmitry Donskoy, 2-a shopping center “Nagorny market”;

Kharkov Wine supermarket VINTAGE пл. Constitution, 1;

Kharkov Wine supermarket VINTAGE ул. Academician Pavlova, 44b Shopping Center “French Boulevard”