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Novelty in the Ukrainian market from Voskevaz winery

Novelty in the Ukrainian market Rosé wine from Sunny Armenia from Voskevaz winery.

Light aromatic dry wine from Areni grape. The aroma of ripe red berries, cherries and rose petals. The taste has a good balance of acidity and a long finish with notes of ripe fruit.

TOP 5 reasons for Rose’s popularity:

1. Many styles. Literally. Rosé wines are made so different that among them you can find something like the simplest super-light wine (some Pinot Grigio Blush), and you can find a complex of outstanding red wines – Tavel.
2. Universally. Rosé wine is universal in combination with food, which greatly simplifies the decision-making process in this fast world.
3. The popularity of rose wines is gaining momentum … the past forty years. This is a long process that takes decades, and generations have an impact.
4. Modern diets. Rosé wine is relatively red and white is the best alcoholic drink when dieting. Less sugar, more potassium, thinner waist.
5. It is beautiful. In a world where social networks are a second home, an outlet and a resting place, the visuals play an important role, and rosé wine is the most photogenic wine