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Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!

Every year on the third Thursday of November in France celebrate the holiday of young wine made from the harvest of the current year. Many people around the world are eagerly awaiting this day to try the taste of young wine on this day, and winemakers are happy to try to make this wine one of the most famous wine events in the world at the eponymous holiday. Beaujolais Nouveau is a young French wine produced in the Burgundy region from the Gamay grape variety, although some experts separate and represent the southern part of the region separately, where they mainly produce wines from this variety. These wines are ruby red, with a light shine. The fragrances include notes of berries and fruits. The taste is light, impatient. Pleasant berry-fruit aftertaste. In connection with the rapid maturation of wine obtained from the Gamay variety of rapid ripening, Burgundy winemakers started a profitable campaign for the sale of the “First” wine in the middle of the 19th century. Until 1846 Beaujolais Nouveau / Beaujolais Nouveau was accepted to pour into special 1-liter capacity. Later this volume was reduced to 460 ml “Lyons bottles” (Pot Lyonnais). In those days, the holiday was celebrated in late October. It was as follows: bottles of “Beaujolais Nouveau” were exhibited on the bars of bars, and buyers paid for a meter of drunk 460 ml of bottles. Such bottles in a meter turned out to be 12. The thirteenth bottle was most often offered at the expense of the institution. On November 11, 1918, an armistice agreement was signed in the First World War. This date was a day of memory of the deceased, after which wide celebrations became inappropriate. On March 11, 1951, France adopted a legislative act according to which the wine of the current year could not be sold on the territory of the country until November 15. However, at the request of the winemakers from Beaujolais, an exception was made for them later, and the young Beaujolais wine was on sale in the very beginning of November. In 1967, the state again limited the start date for the sale of Beaujolais Nuvo (midnight on November 15). In 1985, the existing date of the start of the Beaujolais Nouveau / Beaujolais Nouveau sales was determined – the third Thursday of November. The popularity of the Beaujolais Nouveau holiday is also associated with the fact that on November 11, St. Martin’s Day, in France, holidays of young wine have long been held. From Gamay grapes, in most cases you can not get wine for long-term storage, but the French have managed to turn this flaw into a virtue! Now every third Thursday of November, the celebration begins exactly at 12 o’clock in the morning with the phrase “Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!” – Beaujolais Nouveau arrived!