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Wine Festival in Moldova 2017

All participants of the trip to the Festival of Wine, from the company “Wild Tour” had a unique opportunity to discover the winemaking, gastronomic, tourist and cultural potential of Moldova! In the first weekend of October, a group from Ukraine went to a country where wine is more than a drink. In this gift of the gods, rich culture and ancient traditions are intertwined. A country that even looks like a bunch of grapes on the map, has been holding a grand festival in honor of the National Wine Day for several years in a row! The central street of Chisinau in honor of the holiday becomes completely pedestrian. Participants of the festival are waiting for communication, tasting, buying beverages from the leading producers of the country and have the opportunity to taste dishes of national cuisine!
We are grateful to the company “Wild Tour” in the person of Vitaly and Mila Dikikh, drivers Vasily and Andrey for organization, interesting locations, relocations, and also all participants of the trip! Good drinks, a cheerful company, received impressions did not give a prolonged rain to spoil the good mood!