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Tasting new products from Georgia, Duruji Valley Estate wines!

August 23, 2018 in the wine market Vintage, in the city of Dnepr, for regular guests and new participants, a tasting of novelties from Georgia, the Duruji Valley Estate wine was conducted! 6 wines and one Georgian cognac were served: Mtsvane 2017 white dry 11.5%; Chakrulo 2016 white dry 11.5%; Rose Saperavi 2015 pink dry 11.5%; Pirosmani 2016 red semi-dry 12.5%; Chakrulo 2016 red dry 12.5%; Saperavi Qvevri 2013 red dry 13.5%; Georgian Cognac Georgian Exclusive Collection 7 years of aging 40%. Guests appreciated the variety of wines, quality and good prices. Wines decorated specially prepared dishes from the chef Victor Maidanov! Guests tasted: ajab-sandal – Georgian national dish (baked vegetables with salmon and sauce); skewers of beef with sauce; bruschetta with cream cheese, smoked eel, cherry tomatoes, sauce shirucha. Spicy cheese Landana Basiron tricolor. We thank all the guests for their participation, we will be happy to see again! Venue: Vintage Vintage Store, Dnipro, IFC CASCADE PLAZE, Katerinoslavsky Boulevard, 1. tel. (056) 732-37-99 Kindzmarauli Corporation, the owner of the brand Duruji Valley Estate exports wine to 16 countries. More than 20 kinds of wine, chacha and Georgian cognac (micro-zone spirits of Kvareli) are produced. The first mention of the Duruji Valley Estate dates back to 1533. The company is one of the pioneers of Georgian viticulture. In the heart of the region, more than 200 hectares of its own vineyards, this is one of the largest estates in the wine region of Kakheti. Vineyards are located in the valley next to the Duruji River, hence the origin of the name. In this area the soils consist mainly of black shale, it gives the wines a good acidity, soft tannins and piquant bitterness. A special climate is formed due to the high mountains of the Caucasus and the Black and Caspian seas. Some of the wines produced here from local varieties are aged in Caucasian oak barrels, this leads to more restrained woody notes.