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Sleaking tasting Sake and liqueurs from two legendary producers “Choya” and “Akashi Tai”

02/16/2018 at the restaurant of Asian cuisine GURAMMA, in Kiev, for founders and managers a blind tasting of Sake and liqueurs from two legendary producers “Choya” and “Akashi Tai” was held! Presented were 6 species of Sake and 2 types of liquor: Choya Sake, Akashi Sake Honjozo, Choya Junmai Ginjo Ougyoku Sake, Akashi Sake Junmai, Choya Dai Ginjo Honjirushi Sakura Sake, Akashi Sake Daiginjo, Japanese liqueur Akashi Tai Shiraume Ginjo Umeshu, Japanese liqueur Choya Yuzu . All presented drinks were interesting and impressive! Thank you for organizing and assisting in the tasting of managers, sommelier Ivan Tyrnov and restaurant staff! In the restaurant Guramma, which opened in February 2016 on the picturesque Kiev hills, all guests can join the tasting of drinks from legendary producers and the latest trends in the field of culinary fashion! Location: Ukraine, Kiev, Guramma Restaurant Dniprovsky Descent, 1