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Chateau de Beaulon

“Adoration for quality is our passion, and the desire to achieve perfection is the highest goal!” Christian Thomas – the owner of the Cognac House Chateau de Beaulon.
A true connoisseur of elite alcoholic beverages will never pass by the Chateau de Beaulon cognacs. After all, behind this French name is hidden the real time machine, which makes it possible to taste cognacs from those varieties of grapes that were used in the region before the appearance of phylloxera / Phylloxera vastatrix. In the cognacs produced, the emphasis is on varieties: Folle Blanche, Colombard, Montilla, in all other brands, the main variety is Uni-Blanc, or as it is called in Cognac – Charentes Saint Emilion / St .Emilion des Charente.
History through the centuries
30 miles south-west of the city of Cognac, in the municipality of Saint-Dizant-du-Gua, in the Charente-Maritime, is the Chateau de Beaulon. The castle appeared in 1480, at the end of the reign of King Louis XI, thanks to the de Vinsons family. In 1510, the owner of the Gothic estate became the family of Bologna / famille de Beaulon, in honor of which the famous French birthplace of the legendary cognac Chateau de Beaulon was named. The architectural style of the Chateau de Beaulon is rightfully considered an architectural gem of the late Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance. Due to the fact that the castle has survived to our days in almost its original form, it is listed in historical monuments and listed in all the guidebooks. In the period from 1543 to 1574 the owner of the property is François de Beaulon, adviser to King Henry II / Henri II, and then to Elie de Bologne / Hélie de Beaulon. In the beginning of the XVII century the castle passes to the family of Nesmond / famille de Nesmond, in whose possession it remained until 1712. For many years, owing to conjugal unions, the estate was transferred from one nobleman to another. They were noble French ancestral families: de Bigo / de Bigot, de Bremond d’Ars / de Bremond d’Ars, de la Porte / de la Porte. In the 17th century, the descendant of the de Bologna family, Monseigneur de Nesmond, Archbishop de Bayeux and adviser to King Louis XIV, granted the castle to the Bordeaux bishops, which had a decisive influence on the fate of the estate’s vineyards. When the monks took over the Château de Bolon, they discover vineyards designed exclusively for making cognacs. But they wanted to produce sweet wines from their own Sauternes vineyards, which they valued very highly. Subsequently, varieties of Semillon and Sauvignon were planted, and later Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Thus, the vineyards were given a “Bordeaux direction”. As a result, this Bordeaux “accent” was reflected in the elegant and elegant mistletoe / mistelle of the white and red Pinot de Charentes / Pinot de Charentes. In 1965, the castle and vineyards were purchased by Christian Thomas. The new owner set out to continue the traditions of the family estate and ensure the best preservation of the heritage. Christian Thomas / Christian Thomas organized works on the restoration of the castle ensemble, and also contributed to the improvement and expansion of the vineyards. He was able to combine centuries-old traditions and innovations, all this led to the success and recognition of the brand. Picky temper to control made the company’s name a prototype of the highest quality. For more than fifty years, under the strict guidance of Christian Thomas / Christian Thomas, cognacs and misters of exceptional quality have been created that are known and loved both in France and abroad. Cognac Chateau de Beaulon is the history and culture of France, you can get acquainted with it by buying a bottle of cognac from Chateau de Beaulon in the network of Vintage wine stores!
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