Look on the world differently

Barometer International Bar Show 2018

This year’s main theme of the Barometer International Bar Show 2018 – Borders / Limits / BORDERS. This time the speakers talked about the borders and their absence. In the west, theoretically there are boundaries between the bars, but there are no walls. But there is a clear line between food and drinks – they are on different floors and do not mix. Speakers BAROMETER 2018 tell whether the boundary between the bar and the restaurant is needed. Explain how to not overplay with ingredients and flavors, remove boundaries between known and unknown. Speakers share how to move beyond their comfort zone and create something completely new. Telling how not to be afraid to cross the border and where it is better not to do. Last year, the festival gathered at the “Parkovyi” CEC “Three days” everyone involved with bar culture: from cocktail lovers to legendary gurus, and stars of the bar-world. Only figures: 3 days, 15 thousand guests, 35 thousand cocktails, 14 tons of ice, more than 20 thousand glasses, 57 lectures, 39 tastings, 74 speakers from different corners of the planet. This year is not the exception in the zone of bars, the maximum concentration of the best cocktails, designed specifically for three days of the festival. Guests of BAROMETER 2018 can visit 24 bars in one place from New York, Paris, Oslo, Tel Aviv, Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv, Cherkasy, Chernivtsi, Minsk, Almaty. There are bars from the list of top 50 best in the world. Company “Arda-Trading” once again presented on the stands various products from world manufacturers! Strong alcohol, liquors, tinctures, syrups, coffee … This year the company “Arda-Trading” presented a novelty gin – Whitley Neill! She spoke about the production of gin, brand features and spent 4 different types of gin tasting global brand ambassador Whitley Neill – Tomlinson Devin Blaine! Thanks to the organizers!