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New vines are being laid in the Champagne region by Adam-Jaeger

While the whole world is resting, new vines are being laid in the Champagne region for our future romantic evenings with a classic drink.

The brand ‘Adam-Jaeger’ has existed since 1995 due to the merger of two small family houses of champagne wines – Adam (3 generations of winemakers, have 6 hectares in Berru) and Thais (3 hectares in Reuil and is active for 4 generations). Now Virginia and Regis are the new generation of winemakers who create wines here. They brought a new breath to the champagne house, combining family values and innovation, where experience is closely linked to craftsmanship, terroir and know-how.

This Champagne reflect of soils and undergrounds. Completed by the work of the wine-grower at each step of their creation, “Beautiful Cuvées” will be made.