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Tasting of the first Malbec of Ukraine

In the restaurant Klukva & Brukva, the city of Kiev, there was a tasting of the first Malbek of Ukraine from the winery of Prince P.N. Trubetskoy! Participants tasted 5 wines: KT 2014 white dry, Sauvignon 2015 white dry, Chardonnay Reserve 2016 white dry, Syrah 2016 pink dry, Malbec 2016 red dry.

I thank Oleg Stasenko for interesting, useful information, wine tasting and presentation of new items! Gratitude to the manager and staff of the restaurant Cranberry-rutabaka / Klukva & Brukva!

Location: Kyiv, Antonovicha street, 16

The first vineyards of one of the oldest and most famous wineries in Ukraine were laid in the Cossack estate in 1896. The choice of lands for planting grape varieties was carried out by Lev Golitsyn. The unique climatic conditions, the angle of the slope, the composition of the land, the use of advanced technologies did not make us wait long for the result. Already in 1900 at the World Exhibition in Paris, Riesling wine-making was awarded the Grand Prix. In 1902, the winemakers of Prince Trubetskoi were awarded the first prize of the Emperor Alexander III, “for the best grape table wine”, in 1903 “for the exemplary vineyard culture”. After 1917 the winery and the land of Trubetskoi were nationalized. The legendary vintage wines “Oksamit Ukrainy”, “Pirlina Stepu”, “Naddnipryanske” since 1949 were considered a visiting card of Ukraine and were supplied even to the British royal court. Since 1964, vintage wines have been awarded 33 gold and silver medals at international exhibitions of that time. From 2003 to 2011, the company carried out a global reconstruction. The project of a European-level winery for the production of dry wines by classical French technologies was realized. New vineyards have been planted, the total area of which is 200 hectares. This is exclusively grapes of international varieties: Riesling, Chardonnay, Aligote, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot. Trubetskoy’s wines have already won international recognition and take their niche in the Ukrainian market – premium author’s terroir wines of Ukraine! Following the principle of terroirality, “The Winery of Prince PN. Trubetskoy “produces 100% wine from grapes grown on its own vineyards, and can guarantee quality control at all stages of the birth of wine. The quality of the wine “Oksamit Ukrainy” is marked with the gold medal of the prestigious tasting contest “PRODEXPO”. “Pirlina Stepu” – silver medal, aged wine “Riesling” and “Chardonnay” – bronze medals. A high evaluation of wine experts from Trubetskoi was received at tastings in Europe: in London (organized by the author of the Wine Atlas Oz Clarke) in December 2011 and at the prestigious European forum VINITALY in Verona in March 2012, at the international exhibition in Krakow in February 2014. According to the results of the III International tasting contest “BestDrink” the best Cabernet of Ukraine recognized the “Cabernet” of the “Winery of Prince P.N. Trubetskoy “. “The wine estate of Prince PN. Trubetskoy “- a unique object of wine tourism in Ukraine. Harvesting attracts a lot of tourists to the winery not only from all over Ukraine, but also from Europe. A romantic holiday surrounded by vineyards, with an incredible view of the Dnieper in comfortable conditions, gives its guests a hotel. The hotel is ideal for weddings and celebrations. The grand hall for 400 seats is located in the ancient wing of the winery. To make a journey into history, you can go down to the wine cellars and stroll through intricate galleries. 8 wine cellars store more than 10,000 bottles, among which about 7,000 wines – rare specimens.