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Tasting exceptional wines Nikolaihof

Biodynamic wine is very well revealed in The Green Revolution / Clef des Terroirs! In the Wachau region / Wachau is one of the most beautiful riverine landscapes in Europe, the area is protected by the UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is here that one of the best white wines in the world is born! Nikolaihof is the oldest winery and the 1st producer of biodynamic wines in Austria! The first Austrian wine, which received a maximum score of 100 points from Robert Parker in an online survey of the wines of the American edition of The Wine Advocate at erobertparker.com, was produced in the Wachau wine region. Such a high rating was awarded to the fault of Nikolaihof Vinothek Riesling in 1995. After 17 years of storage in a large wooden barrel in the antique wine cellar of the winery Nikolaihof in Wachau, the wine was bottled in April 2012. Wines of Nikolaihof are biodynamic in the purest form, in production only native, “wild” yeast is used! 22 hectares are mainly cultivated with Riesling (55%) and Grüner Veltliner (35%), the rest are Weißburgunder, Malvasia, Neuburger, Chardonnay. Here they use the lunar calendar, plant vines and harvest grapes by hand. Vineyards do not use herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides. The wines are aged on draft, then in large old oak barrels to 20 years. Maturing takes place in a historic wine cellar, built during the Romans. The owners of the farm – Christina and Nicholas Saach – promote biodynamic winemaking and lead it in accordance with Demeter association requirements. And to apply biodynamics here began in 1971. Participants tasted 5 wines: Hefeabzug DAC Grüner Veltliner 12% 2015 – white dry, the wine was aged for 6 months, the sugar 4 g / l, the storage potential 10+ years; IM Weingebirge DAC Federspiel Grüner Veltliner 12% 2015 – white dry, wine aged 6 months in oak barrels, sugar 2 g / l, storage potential 20+ years; Elisabeth Tradition DAC Gemischter Satz 12% Riesling, Auxerrois, Weißburgunder, Grüner Veltliner, Neuburger 12% 2014 – white dry, aged for 2.5 years in oak barrels, sugar 2 g / l, storage potential 20+ years; VOM Stein DAC Riesling Smaragd 12.5% 2013 – white dry, aged for 1.5 years in oak barrels, sugar 3.4 g / l, storage potential of 25+ years. Recommended decantation; Steinriesler DAC Riesling 12% 2004 – white dry, aged 11.5 years in oak barrels, sugar 3 g / l, storage potential 25+ years. Recommended decantation.
I thank Galina Matveenko for interesting, useful information, tasting exceptional wines! Thanks to the manager and staff of the restaurant Vino e Cucina, as well as the sommelier to Alexander Meeru!
More detailed information on the official website: http://www.nikolaihof.at
Venue: Vino e Cucina. Ristorante / Enoteсa Address: Kyiv, str. The Sich Riflemen, 82