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Castile & Leon (Rueda)

Castile and Leon (Rueda) Five wine regions of Castile and Leon DO: Ribera del Duero (DO status gained in 1982); Rueda; Toro; Cigales; Bierso. Rueda – a small area located below the region Ribera del Duero with the flow. Rueda – is the most important region for white wines. Moreover, its brands compete with wines from the variety Albariño Rias Baiksas for the title of the best white wines of Spain. Beginning in the late 1970s. Here intensified production of fresh, fine, fruit, bright, dry white wines from the local variety Verdejo, but since the 1980s. – And Sauvignon Blanc. Red wine from Rueda (mainly from Tempranillo), too, are extremely good, although it is alien to the style of blockbusters from Ribera del Duero. Also in the area of Rueda produce traditional fortified wines fino (Palido Rueda) and rancio (Dorado Rueda), which are found to this day. You can also find and Rueda Espumoso, made by champagne.

Kitchen Rueda region – Instead of popularizing folk dishes made from seasonal vegetables, local restaurateurs are focusing on a more aristocratic meat products and began to promote “the castle” kitchen which in olden times ate the upper classes of Castile. In most traditional restaurants meats take the lion’s share of the menu, they are usually only a couple of primitive complement salads in summer and in winter soups. Most of the traditional dishes of Castile and Leon, prepared in the different provinces are absolutely identical manner, in spite of this will have local names. And, of course, the owners of restaurants will vehemently argue the superiority of «Morcilla (liverwurst) de Burgos» over «Morcilla de Leon». Taste Castilian cuisine is much more dependent on the initial quality of the product than from the art of the chef. Of Segovia suckling pig (Cochinillo de Segovia) – a modern version of the dish, known in the area since the time of the Roman conquest. Since the seventeenth century – “kochiniyo” entrenched in the menu taverns of Castile, and in the middle of the twentieth century, the recipe was perfected and become firmly established in the list of gastronomic attractions for tourists. At the same recipe preparing lamb and milk. He is considered a specialty of Valladolid and Burgos.

This region is represented by the following manufacturers:

- Marques de Riscal