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Tommasi (Veneto)

Winery Tommasi was founded in 1902 by Giacomo Tommasi. The family estate extends over 135 hectares of vineyards blessed by Mother Nature not only by a magnificent landscape, but more importantly, by its perfect suitability for grapes.

Tommasi vineyards are laid out on calcium-saturated limestone soils and are blown by light winds from Lessini hills. Specific climate and soils impart unique and unforgettable taste on Tommasi wines.

Wines of Soave origin are rightfully considered the most popular white Italian wines in many countries of the world.  Legendary Valpolicella region gave equally splendid dry wines Amarone and Recciotto and sweet Recciotto. Wines produced with locally grown grapes were the first gems of Italian viniculture known to lowers of this generous drink.

Veneto extends from the Adriatic cost to alpine foothills and includes a ridge of piedmont hills and vast plain territories. All problems of irrigation are solved by the great Po.  Thus, climate varies from typical Mediterranean to more severe and cold alpine.  Just these features stimulate vibe growing with ripening grapes which impart unique, incomparable taste to Venetian wines. Practically all produced wines are branded D. O. C. wines and have quality certificates.

Tommasi wines are exported to more than 25 countries of the world. Practically all Tommasi wines are high-graded in ratings of credible publications and catalogues including Gambero Rosso (Italy), Wine Spectator (USA), Decanter (UK), Wine Enthusiast (USA). Wine & Spirits (США) awarded Tommasi with the Best-Selling Wine House of Italy 2001.