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Tenuta il Poggione (Тuscany)

Tenuta il Poggione

The story of Tenuta Il Poggione began at the end of the 19th century from Lavinio Franceschi who owned a land on the hills rising above Florence.

Tenuta il Poggione estate was formerly called Sant’Angelo. At the end of the 19th century Lavinio Franceschi bought this estate on advice of his shepherd who often visited this place moving his sheep to their summer pasture on the slopes of the Maremma between Montalcino and Sant’Angelo and was so fascinated by their beauty that immediately told Lavinio about them. Thus, the family Franceschi became a new owner of this estate.

Franceschi breathed life into these parts of the world; this was applied especially to agriculture.  On seeing a great variety of vines grown there the family immediately recognized the area’s potential for vine cultivation and winemaking.  It was in 1958 that Leopoldo Franceschi employed a young expert Pierluigi Talenti from Romania and committed the estate to his trust. They arrived at a common view that vine cultivation would be a basic special designation for this land leaving some space for wheat and olive trees that had always been grown in the area.

In the 60th after many changes the estate rose to fame outside its region. In 1963 the first specialized vineyard was established vine varieties created by Talenti himself. Since then the area of vineyards was considerably expanded.

Later on a new cellar was built. According to advanced technology, but as tradition is important, the company purchased new steel jars and oak barrels. Today Brunello is one of the most prestigious and known wines of Italy. But regardless of ancient origin its history began recently. It can be found in archives that in olden times the word “brunello” was local name for commonly occurring vine that covered Montalcino hills. Brunello acquired widespread appreciation and success only in the 1960th.   Since then this outstanding wine excites general admiration. Brunello gained a victory over the most prestigious competitors, often surpassing even recognized French brands.