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Silvio Nardi (Тuscany)

Silvio Nardi

Winery Silvio Nardi founded 50 years ago by manufacturer Silvio Nardi is located on a stretch of hilly country Montalcino between floodplain of the Ombrone River and the place called Cerralti. The major vineyards of the estate are located in northwestern part of Montalcino and extend over the territory of 2022 acres. Although wine is produced in the region during a long time; quality surges in history of Montalcino have been made by young producers with Nardi among them.

In 1991 a new generation of estate managers began with Emilia Nardi who continued her father’s philosophy with knowledge, patience and great enthusiasm she acquired from her childhood. In 1995 her work was rewarded with Manachiara created by thorough selection of the best grapes from vineyards located in the estate.

Soils of old vineyards were thoroughly examined and subjected to clone selection to determine vineyards’ potential to create dainty and long-lasting wines. The survey was completed in 2001.

Careful clone selection makes it possible to produce Brunello with unique features inherent of   Silvio Nardi. Investigation of vineyards helps to evaluate grape ripening process in order to determine the most opportune harvest dates.  Thanks to these investigations high quality grapes can be harvested in proper time.

In recent years the estate was considerably restructured. A new winery was built and equipped with state-of-the-art machinery required for top-quality wine production. According to recommendations of experts and consultants vineyards were also subject to some changes.

Silvio Nardi produces wines made with Manachiara grapes: Brunello Di Montalcino, Rosso Di Montalcino, Chianti Colli Senesi (from vineyards beyond Montalcino), Val d’Arbia and Vin Santo.