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La Massa (Тuscany)

A story of La Massa progress can be called recent, and it is directly connected with the name of its owner Giampaolo, a native of Naples.  In 1988 he left his native land, as well as family business, and headed off to the north to Tuscany, where he met owner of Riecine John Dunckley who actually asserted great influence on Motta’s interest in Chianti.

Service record of Giampaolo  can be called a book, as in contains such names as, for example, Castello dei Rampolla, where in 1992 he learned that estate La Massa was offered for sale, as it was on the verge of bankruptcy. Where one fails, the other succeeds. For a very short period of time and in spite of the first dramatic steps (yield 1992 can be called the worst in the whole history of Italian vine growing) Giampaolo attracted attention of winemakers not only from Tuscany, but from the whole world. Preferred position in Chianti and decision to produce nothing but this wine, without any attempts to experiment with world-wide favorites like Cabernet, evidently serve as his training wheel in pursuing his complicated, but high-flying goal – to create traditional wines in traditional conditions.

Today Domaine owns 22 ha of land planted with vines. It is one of those jewels of Italian viniculture which produce few wines both in terms of brands and quantity. But they have already managed to take their place in treasure house of world’s art – the art to create wine masterpieces. And their service lies in the fact that La Massa raised their local traditional Chianti produced with Sangiove to the level of top-quality world wines. Secret of their mastership lies in skill and good luck in creation of such masterpieces every year regardless of yields. Chianti Classico La Massa has been nominated among the best and exemplary wines in five successive years.