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Fattoria del Cerro (Тuscany)

Fattoria del Cerro

Fattoria del Cerro wines are often mentioned with regard to the best price-quality trade-off. Fattoria del Cerro was acquired by SAIAGRICOLA S.p.A in 1978. It is the biggest private enterprise in Montepulciano. It is managed by General Director Dr. Guido Sodamo. Wines are produced with grapes from vineyards of 156 ha, 84 ha are dedicated to Nobile di Montepulciano and are located for the most part in Argiano area. Production capacity is 800 ths bottles per year. Experts say that every wine produced by the estate is at the top in its class range.  They particularly mention Chianti Colli Senesi as the best evidence of quality confirmed by price.  It is a common consent that Cerro is one of the most promising companies in Montepulciano region. In addition to holdings in Montepulciano SAI owns a winery and cellars in Montalcino where one of the most known Brunello wines is produced, and 18 ha of vineyards in Acienda Agricola Colpetrone, Umbria, which is one of the leaders in production of Sagrantino di Montefalco, famous red wine of Central Italy.

Fattoria del Cerro vineyards are located in the south of Montepulciano with its stable climate: grapes ripen practically always, but a long maceration is required for wine to obtain structure.   Lack of tannins and some dryness can be referred to disadvantages of Sangiovese as compared to, for example, mild tannins of Merlo.

The estate practices post maceration, i.e. aging on grape skins after primary fermentation for 10 to 12 days. Malolactic fermentation is fully controlled as it is important to stop it in proper time through separation of the most of yeast.  In case of Riserva maceration takes up to 25 days at temperature not higher than 28 degrees. As a rule, malolactic fermentation occurs in barriques spontaneously. If aging process goes correctly no hard filtration is required. In Fattoria del Cerro they use membrane filters with big holes, resulting in wines with strong and excellent character.