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Castello di Volpaia (Тuscany)

Castello Di Volpaia

Castello di Volpaia was built in the 11th century as a fortified village on the Florence/Siena border. In 1250 Volpaia became an important part of the Lega del Chianti. Today only part of the original protective walls and two of its six towers are still standing. Village Volpaia nearby the Castle is known from the Middle Ages. Furthermore Volpaia is an illustrious family which took its name from the village itself. Benvenuto and Lorenzo della Volpaia became famous during the Renaissance through invention of various mechanisms. Their instruments are still on view at the Science Museums in Florence, Greenwich and Chicago.

Just as in the 12th century, the village itself still plays an essential role in our wine and oil production. The interiors of its ancient houses, churches, underground passages have been discreetly converted into wine cellars up to the ceiling in the latest equipment. Grape harvest in the estate starts at the beginning of September with picking the grapes that ripen earliest, Pino Noire and   Chardonnay, and ends with Sangiovese at the end of October. The grapes are all handpicked and carried in boxes so that they reach the cellars in perfect condition and to avoid early fermentation.

Although machinery in the estate is quite simple and conventional, state-of-the-art equipment helped to impart elegance, bouquet and endurance on Volpaia wines. Innovative technology is based on the use of small piston jars enabling to slow fermentation, and maceration goes more subtly.  Temperature is continuously controlled and can be increased or decreased to required level. Fermentation on lees lasts during 20 days. Once the whole process is complete wine is moved to cellars for further aging.

All wines in Castello di Volpaia are aged in temperature- and humidity-controlled Castle cellars. In San Lorenzo Riserva aging occurs in 430 French oak barrels and takes at least 18 months. In Via Castellana and Commenda Riserva and Chianti Classico aging occurs in 30-hectoliter barrels of Slovenian and French oak. In other cellars there are special rooms for aging and storage. The room contains 100 000 bottles of excellent wine.

Wine Shop

The first thing that one sees upon arriving at Castello di Volpaia is its Wine Shop, located in what was the principal tower of the castle. To reach the tasting room one must pass through narrow corridors and ancient staircases. The wine of Castello di Volpaia may be tasted and purchased. In addition, Castello di Volpaia produced Honey, Red Wine Vinegar, White Wine Vinegar and Extra Olive Oil.


In the same tower of the castle where Wine Shop is located there is a new restaurant Volpaia Con Cucina. There visitors are welcomed by Francesco Sabbaditi and Vito Molaro who kindly offer to taste delicious typical Tuscan dishes and wines. For breakfast the restaurant offers light menu: one can taste a salad or omelets and take a glass of superior wine. Dinner is more formal and sophisticated.

Visitors can seat in one of internal rooms or in a terrace situated against the wall of the castle. Here there is a small secret cellar with old Castello di Volpaia wines