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Barone Ricasoli (Тuscany)

Barone Riсasoli

History of Barone Ricasoli dates as far back as the 12th , when Brolio Castle and the lands passed into the hands from the Florentine Republic. It happened in 1141, and since then during three centuries the main business of this aristocratic family was winegrowing and defending the Florentine Republic.

The name Ricasoli is associated, first, with development and wide production of Sangiovese, and second, the family Ricasoli is a founder of Chianti Classico production.  Bettino Ricasoli’s fame is so great and his family produces wines for so long that the name of Ricasoli embodies Italian wine for many people.

When it is referred to nobility of the family Ricasoldi, it is enough to mention the fact that in spite of Longobard origins the family of Ricasoldi having sworn allegiance to Florence became the most powerful in Tuscany as early as in the 9th century.  The 20th century was marked for Barone Ricasoli by considerable increase in quality-wine production. Since 1993, Francesco Ricasoli, 32nd Baron Ricasoli, became a president of wine producing company. In 1874 after years of research and experimentation Bettino Ricasoli found his formula of Chianti Classico. Over a century this formula still serves as s basis for Chianti Classico production and remains a standard for the most well-known Italian wines.