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Cusumano (Sicily)

The Cusumano winery was established in 2001, when brothers Alberto and Diego, took over the management of the company from their father, Francesco who managed the estate more than 40 years. Today area of vineyards increased three times as against 2001: from 140 to 390 hectares.

With the help of an intimate knowledge of the Sicilian terrain and its specific character Alberto and Diego find those sites which allow maximum expression of not only the indigenous Sicilian grape varieties, but also classic varieties.

Today their estate stretches from northeast to west making it possible to grow both Nero d’Avola generating splendid deep taste, and Chardonnay with its unique fresh flavor. A large-scale reconstruction of the old farm of the 19th century took place in 2003. New cellars, bottling facility and Consumano offices were built not far at Partinico.  With all that Concumano produces more than 1 million bottles per year and can age not less than 2 million liters of wine at the same time.

Principal vineyards: Presti e Pegni (Alcamo/Monreale). Vineyard is located at height of 250 meters above sea level. Its total area is 70 ha. Soil is clayey here; therefore wines have some “masculine character”, deep, powerful and well-structured.   ◆ Ficuzza (Piana degli Albanesi). This vineyard is situated at 700 meters above sea level. Its total area is 189 ha. Soil is clayey. Production of white wines prevails here (70%). ◆ San Giacomo (Butera). It is situated at 350 meters above sea level. Total area of the vineyard is 140 ha.