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Guy Saget (the Loire Valley)

Guy Seget

Eight generations ago the family of the present-day owner Jean-Louis Saget settled in village Pouillysur-Loire. Jean-Louis’s great grandfather, grandfather and father were vine growers. There was no doubt that Jean-Louis would keep on with family tradition. Jean-Louis took up family business at the age of 18 with the sudden death of his father and inherited 5 hectares of land in Pouillysur-Loire where his father produced wines.

When his brother had grown up Jean-Louis turned these lands over to him and set up in marketing. This initiative enabled Jean-Louis Saget to sell the whole range of wines from the Loire Valley. Trading business flourishes with his gift for wine selection and market knowledge. This enabled him to considerably expand his holdings.

Private winery Guy Saget owns its own estates and vines on both sides of the Loire and continuously acquires new ones. Guy Saget holdings amount nearly 240 hectares of vineyards. One of the main lines of his activity over the last 10 years was purchase of vineyards and estates in the Loire Valley. At that, every estate owned by Guy Saget maintains a certain degree of independence with its own manager, wine maker and business team.

◆ DOMAINE GUY SAGET — 39 ha в Pouilly-sur-Loire.

◆ DOMAINE D’ARTOIS — 50 ha in Touraine

◆ DOMAINE CHUPIN — 75 ha in Anjou.

◆ DOMAINE DE LA PERRIERE — 38 ha in Sancerre.

◆ DOMAINE BALLAND-CHUPUIS — two vineyards, one of which is in Bonny sur Loire (20 ha in Coteaux du Giennois) and the other in Beau-en-Sancerre (14 ha of Sancerre).

Since 1976 the estate is engaged with sale of wines of other producers. Nowadays the brother sells 4 million bottles of wine in 25 appellations of the Loire, more than 50% of turnover being exported to 20 countries of the world. Doamine employs a long cold fermentation. Malolactic fermentation is not used. In 1990 president of Domaine Guy Saget Jean-Luis Saget established Guy Saget Cup for the best sommelier of the Loire.