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Source vodka

SOURCE VODKA is named after the source, with the purest water, which is located in Jansak-La Pallu, in the heart of the most prestigious cognac appellation Grande Champagne (Grand Champagne).

This is 100% French vodka. The purest water from the spring, wheat from the Bos district, from the north of France, a small amount of wine distillate, and also a huge experience of the master of blending and more than 500-hundred years of history.

Vodka Masters:


Gold medal in the category “Premium vodka”

Spectacular and “clean” design

French vodka


Thorough selection of alcohols from French wheat with the addition of wine distillate

Especially clean water source from Jansak-La Pallu.

Gradual reduction of the strength of alcohol in several ways in order to get a soft aroma and a pleasant aftertaste.


Fresh mint with notes of citrus fruits


Elegant, delicate, soft and clean

Freshness of mint and a long ending with citrus notes