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Baron von Maydell

The ancestors of the current owner Baron von Maydell / Baron von Maydell have been engaged in agriculture for more than 800 years. The tradition of winemaking began in 1693. The current motto of the owner is “Quality and Tradition”! The created wines on the basis of Bimmerle Winery are repeatedly awarded with international awards, including national prizes, and the winery is included in the top wineries, “Elite of German wines” “Elite of German Wines”. * commentary during a tasting of DLG. DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft) is the leading organization of the agrarian and food sector. The Baden region occupies more than 400 km, from Bodensee to the south and to Tauberfranken, is divided into nine wine regions. Numerous varieties of grapes are located on an area of 16,000 hectares. Baden is the warmest wine region in Germany. 56% of the produced wine is white. Main varieties: Spätburgunder, Müller-Thurgau, Grauburgunder, Weissburgunder, Riesling. First of all, the lands of Baden are famous for Pino varieties. Even the same grape varieties have differences due to different types of soils and geographic features.