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RON VACILÓN – was one of the most popular Roma among the population of Cuba in the golden 50′s. In the early 60′s its production practically stopped.

Sixty years after the initial production launch, RON VACILÓN, one of the best Cuban rumas, returns to conquer the world.

RON VACILÓN is a Cuban premium rum of the highest quality, uniting people who appreciate friendship, communication and simple joys of life, encouraging them to follow the principle

“Al estilo VACILÓN”: cheerful, crazy, idle, sympathetic, sociable

This is a Cuban rum for Cubans, whose production began in 1956

Made by hand according to the traditional production method at the distillery Destilería Heriberto Duquesne in the colonial city of Remedios on the island of Cuba from the best Cuban sugar cane

For aging, barrels are used from American oak

Traditional Cuban taste: warm and enveloping, with soft, dry notes.

Prior to this day, RON VACILÓN has never been exported from Cuba

In 2015, the Cuban authorities decided to restart production of the beloved Roma. More than a year was spent on restoring the original recipe and improving the quality. At the same time, an experienced team from Cuba and Germany worked on the design. By the end of 2016 we managed to revive the rum RON VACILÓN

This time not only for the inhabitants of Cuba, but as a special gift for Cubans around the world