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Canario Cachaca (Brazil) 1872

Canario Cachaca comes from Fazenda Soledade in Rio state, enterprise established in 1872 and having 100-year tradition of cachaca production ever since.  Soledad sugar-cane fields lie at an altitude of 800 m in the mountains of Sao Fidelis. This region is famous for its individual and specialized cultivation of sugar-cane. Clearly manifested dryness of hillsides and consequent low humidity provide for proper concentration of sugar cane flavor substances. Sugar-cane juice production, distillation and storage are done in the natural way developed in Fazenda.

Canario Cachaca is produced form sugar cane harvested after about one year of grow. The heart of the sugar cane is carefully separated from the rest for the distillation process and pressed very slowly to produce sugar-cane juice within 24 hours. Then it is subject to fermentation process performed on sugar cane stems.

Fazenda Soledade uses a labour-intensive and sparing double distillation method. Water quality corresponds to that of mountain spring. Continuous control ensures its extreme clearness, purity and softness.

Traditional method of cachaca production handed down from generation to generation is improved by using up-to-date technology. Special attention is given to the highest standards of hygiene. They ensure 100% clean cachaca.

Oak barrels imported from Spain and Scotland provide for peculiar cachaca bouquet in the course of aging.

Cachaca Canario is Brazil spirits at all times!

Cachaca Canario

Cachaca Canario