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Wilmore London Dry Gin (Germany) *

Gin is the most politically correct of all strong drinks, the most feminine of all mens. More than a century of jeans for the most popular cocktails and for this time has gained a lot of fans around the world, among men and women. In English culture, gin is a whole era, and in modern England it is the favorite drink of progressive youth and the main ingredient of the most popular Gin-tonic cocktail.
Wilmore is made according to the traditional technology – distillation. With the help of distillation, the most high-quality ginning distilled gin is obtained, the variety of which is London Gin. London Dry Gin is a super fine gin, belonging to the category of distilled gin. The new Wilmore gin is not only an ideal quality and a democratic price. The new genius Wilmore can not be missed on the shelf, because its label is made in the form of the classic and most famous symbol of England – the phone booth, which is recognizable even to those who have never been in this rainy country.
Gene Wilmore is the personification of London, the city that gave the world punk rock clubs and otvyznye raves, subcultures of Cockney and Teddy Boys, violent football hooligans from pubs and trendy indie parties of London youth.



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