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Charis Irish Cream (Ireland) *


Manufacturing company

Since the time of launching cream liquors in 1974 year, the liquor produced by TERRA Company has always been following “Baileys”, the leader of the category.

In 1995  year R. A. Bailey & Co. Acquired the manufacturing facilities of TERRA, and banned manufacturing of any other brands but “Baleys”. Thus, until 2003 year the manufacturing plant produced only “Baileys” cream liquor.

In 2003 the Company regained its independence and entered the marked offering their high-quality product – cream liquor Charis.

Manufacturing of  Charis Cream Liquor

Charis is an  exceptional Irish cream liquor made of the best brands of whiskies and creams perfectly mixed in the unique blend to provide luxury velvet and smooth texture of the drink .

We guarantee the exceptional palate and mild after-taste of our drink.

The product combines top-quality ingredients: triple-distilled Irish whisky, fresh cream, vanilla, sugar, cocoa and caramel.  The second-to-none process of manufacture begins with preparation of the alcohol base – triple distilled whisky.  Cream, aqua and stabilizer are mixed together in stainless tanks at high temperature. This delicate process is controlled by the modern equipment. Cream is added to the alcohol base together with caramel and chocolate, and the components are homogenized by mixing.

Charis  is an authentic and luxury experience of taste.

The unique process of blending ensures that every bottle  of Charis will remain naturally fresh, irrespective of whether the drink was chilled or the bottle opened.

No preserving agents are used in the manufacturing process.

Charis Irish Cream Liquour

Charis Irish Cream Liquour

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