Chateau de Montifaud VSOP

Chateau de Montifaud VSOP

It is produced with grapes homegrown in the vineyards of Chateau de Montifaud Cognac House in Petite Champagne province. Thereafter this top-quality cognac soaks over 10 years in old oak barrels and obtains red gold robe. Lime-tree odor dominates in its bouquet where discerned are notes of blossoming vine shoots followed by finishing refined flavors of dry flowers. Very complaisant and subtle taste of this cognac will be a surprise even for true connoisseurs for its perfection and brightly pronounced fruity aftertaste.

Aging: over 10 years
Alcohol: 40% vol.
Robe: red gold
Nose: dominating lime-tree tones with hints of blossoming vine shoot and dry flowers
Palate: subtle and refined taste with brightly pronounced fruity aftertaste