Chateau de Montifaud Millesime

Chateau de Montifaud Millesime

According to established standards this cognac can be deemed a young prince royal, as it was made only 30 years ago. This millesime cognac was aged in rather unusual Tronçais oak barrels which imparted a unique and generous character to it. In spite of its relatively young age this cognac bears nearly perfect harmony of apricots, candied peels, honey and fine vanilla fragrance with faint nappa and old oak aftertaste. This outstanding cognac is full of energy and vital force pronounced in its thick harsh odor.

Aging: 30 years
Alcohol: 43% vol.
Robe: bronze tinted amber
Nose: light odors of apricots, candied fruits, honey and vanilla with faint nappa and old oak aftertaste.
Palate: refined and subtle fruity with light vanilla sweetness and oak hints